NAPCO Red Infectious Waste Bags

Guaranteed to provide film impact resistance greater than 165 grams and film tear strength greater than 480 grams when tested in accordance with ASTM D-1922-94a and ASTM D-1709-97. All film colorants are non-metallic. The liners are printed with a six inch diameter Biohazard symbol and warning message in English and Spanish. All printing is in black ink, one side, random repeat. The liners are supplied with a star seal bottom and are packed in rugged, white corrugated cartons.


NAPCO Red Infectious Waste Bag - 24x24, 1.30 gauge

24 x 24, 1.30 gauge, 50/10/cs
Alternate #IW2424

NAPCO Red Infectious Waste Bag - 33x39, 1.30 gauge

33 x 39, 1.30 gauge, 25/8/cs
Alternate #IW3339